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We thought a lot about who we wanted to help shape the first Global Sugar Summit. That’s why we invited not only the old favourites but also newer faces in the industry, who together, will help you understand the new stories, agendas and innovations happening all around us.

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  • Meghan Sapp | Managing Director and Editor, Sugaronline

    Meghan Sapp | Managing Director and Editor, Sugaronline

    Meghan Sapp has been Managing Director of Sugaronline since June 2018 but began as Editor in 2005. She first joined Sugaronline providing news, editorial content and management of the stable of freelance journalists around the world after working for Dow Jones in 2003-2004 in London where she got her first taste of softs reporting about sugar, then coffee, cocoa for EMEA, and then the list grew so long she returned to Brussels to become a lobbyist for the Least Developed Countries during the EU sugar reform. That experience led Meghan to found a boutique consulting company advising on sustainability and project development for biofuels in Africa, first with a focus on sugarcane but later evolving into other feedstocks as well. From there she founded Partners for Euro-African Green Energy (PANGEA) in 2008 where she served as Secretary General for seven years promoting sustainable biofuels, again with an initial focus on sugarcane and later on other feedstocks. In 2010, she founded PlanetEnergy in Spain integrating renewable energy with agro-processing, with a focus on waste-based energy. She lives off-grid in northern Spain surrounded by horses, goats and renewable energy.

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  • José Orive | Executive Director, International Sugar Organisation

    José Orive | Executive Director, International Sugar Organisation

    José Orive is currently the Executive Director of the International Sugar Organization, a post he assumed in January 2014. Previously he was the Executive Director of the Central American Sugar Association (AICA) for 19 years where he was responsible for negotiations for the private sugar industry, with emphasis on coordination of joint actions on priority issues, a clearinghouse for information relevant to the sector, publications, and participation in international forae.

    Since 2010 he also was a partner in ARTLEX law firm in charge of large corporate clients, distribution contracts and environmental issues and arbitration. He has also held senior posts in other law firms in Guatemala.

    Soon after graduating from Georgetown University Law Centre in Washington in 1985, José took up the post of Minister Counselor for Economic & Commercial Affairs, Embassy of Guatemala, Washington, D.C

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  • Kona Haque | Director of Research, ED&F Man

    Kona Haque | Director of Research, ED&F Man

    Kona Haque joined ED&F Man in May 2014 as Group Head of Research, responsible for the company’s commodity and macro-economic research team (including Man Sugar, Volcafe coffee, shipping and pulses). She joined from Macquarie Bank where she was responsible for agriculture and soft commodities research for seven years. Previously, Kona spent four years as Senior Commodities Editor at the Economist Group. She has also worked for a shipping consultancy as Director of Bulk Commodities and spent four years at Metal Bulletin Research, specialising in base metals. Other experience includes working as an Economist for a grains market information provider and with the United Nations in Rome, Italy. Kona has an MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics and a BSc in Agricultural Economics from Reading University.

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  • Eddie Tofpik | Head of Technical Analysis, ADMISI

    Eddie Tofpik | Head of Technical Analysis, ADMISI

    Eddie Tofpik started in trading Bullion in 1980, then Energy, Agricultural, Softs, Options, FX, Equity and Fixed Income. By 1990 he’d traded, brokered & managed desks in all plus a Chicago secondment.

    In 1990 he started the FX Desk at Esprit Brokers (now ADMISI). After 26 successful years as Head of FX he became Head of Technical Analysis and Senior Markets Analyst. Eddie started in Technical Analysis in 1984 & is an enthusiast. He’s a Director of The Society of Technical Analysts, Member of ACI-UK & CISI. Nominated for FXStreet.com’s ‘Best Video or Podcast’ 2016 & Finance Monthly’s ‘Game Changers Award’ 2018 & 2019.

    Eddie publishes ‘Eddie’s Crayons…’ & is regularly seen on CME Channel, FXStreet.com & Investing Channel.

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  • Geraldine Kutas | Director of International Affairs, UNICA

    Geraldine Kutas | Director of International Affairs, UNICA

    At UNICA since 2007, Géraldine Kutas is responsible for defining and leading the entity’s international activities. A seasoned professional specialising in international trade policy, Géraldine leverages more than a decade of experience to strengthen UNICA’s activities across the European Union, the United States and Asia. She has deep expertise in biofuels and agricultural policies, coupled with extensive exposure to multilateral and regional trade negotiations in agriculture.

    Géraldine has a Ph.D. in International Economics from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po).

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  • Yatin Wadhwana | Gradient Commercial

    Yatin Wadhwana | Gradient Commercial

    Yatin Wadhwana, Director of Gradient Commercial Pvt. Ltd. and Advisor to the SUCDEN Group, graduated from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) with a Management Sciences degree. He has been in the sugar business as a miller and a trader for more than 30 years. A member of the Committee of the Indian Sugar Mills Association for several years, Yatin served on the Board of Indian Sugar Exim Corporation as a representative of ISMA. He has vast and rich experience of the Indian sugar sector having experienced the famous “Indian Sugar Cycle” several times. Apart from sugar he has also been involved in the trade of other agri-commodities including wheat, rice, edible oils and soybean.

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  • Leopoldo Bolanos | International Trade, ASAZGUA

    Leopoldo Bolanos | International Trade, ASAZGUA

    Leopoldo Bolaños serves as International Trade Manager for the Guatemala Sugar Association (ASAZGUA). His primary responsibility is the administration and negotiation of trade agreements with the objective of promoting fair trade conditions and market access for Guatemalan sugar. Bolaños is also responsible for coordinating national and regional market access strategies both with the sugar mills in Guatemala and with the rest of the countries of Central America. Establishing and maintaining relationships with traders and international organizations is an essential part of his work, as is demonstrating the commitment of the Guatemalan Sugar Industry to deliver the best quality sugar while achieving sustainable development.

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  • Frank Lee | CEO, Link Commodities

    Frank Lee | CEO, Link Commodities

    Frank Lee is General Manager of Link Commodities Trading Co. Ltd and has an MBA in Financial Derivatives from the China Agricultural University. He joined Louis Dreyfus Beijing in 2003, managing sugar research & trading in China. In 2015, Frank set up Link Commodities Trading Co. Ltd with support from Chinese hedge fund groups focusing on sugar value chain trading (corn-starch-sugar), both physicals and portfolios. Frank has built up a mature research structure and efficient physical arbitrage models. He has more than 15 years’ experience in sugar physical & portfolio trading and is good at risk management.

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  • Julian Price | CEO, JulianPrice.com

    Julian Price | CEO, JulianPrice.com

    Julian Price has more than 30 years’ experience as an international sugar trader and broker. He was elected eight years in a row as President of the European Sugar Traders’ Association “ASSUC”, comprising 60 sugar trading companies in Europe. Julian is a regular speaker at international sugar trade conferences and is recognized to possess wide experience, deep knowledge and empathy as a sugar trader and innovative market analyst at the heart of the trade in cane sugar between African, Caribbean, Pacific and Least Developed Countries and the European Union.

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  • Nick Kwolek | Founder, Kwolco

    Nick Kwolek | Founder, Kwolco

    Nick Kwolek is the founder of Kwolco. Kwolco is an agri-trade consultancy and research business that was started in Nairobi, Kenya in 2018. In the summer of 2018, Nick decided to leave the commodities trade after 13 years to set up his own business to cater to the medium and large-scale commodities trade houses and agricultural producers in East Africa.

    The aim of Kwolco is to provide high quality trade focused commodities research for the Eastern African region. Kwolco focuses on the majority of the large agricultural products produced and traded in Eastern Africa; and takes a truly trade focused approach that can be used by both producers and traders alike, who want a more in-depth view into East African agriculture, and the trade surrounding it. Nick, when not in the office can usually be found roaming the plains of Africa with his family in his trusty Landrover Defender.

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  • David Rynne | Director of Economics & Trade, Australian Sugar Milling Council

    David Rynne | Director of Economics & Trade, Australian Sugar Milling Council

    David manages the Australian Sugar Milling Council’s economics, policy analysis and market access/trade functions. His role includes development and implementation of raw sugar’s trade strategy, sugar market economic analysis, and policy development and engagement on a range of relevant issues including energy.

    David joined the ASMC in November 2017. Previously, he was the Chief Economist at the Department of Natural Resources and Mines. David has also held senior Economic and Policy positions at the Queensland Resources Council and the Minerals Council of Australia.

    David has a Bachelor of Business (majoring in Economics and Law) and a Masters of Industry Strategy and Economics from the Australian National University. David started his career as a commodity trader for a Queensland stockfeed company.

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  • Jack Roney | Director of Economics and Policy Analysis, American Sugar Alliance

    Jack Roney | Director of Economics and Policy Analysis, American Sugar Alliance

    Jack Roney has been with the American Sugar Alliance since 1996 and represents ASA on matters of domestic and trade policy. He has testified at numerous Congressional and Executive Branch hearings, spoken at many international conferences, and appeared frequently on television and radio programs on behalf of American sugar producers. He has served as chairman of the Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade in Sweeteners and Sweetener Products, a private sector trade policy advisory group formed by the U.S. government, and as president of the Sugar Club, an international industry group based in New York City.

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  • Michael Sly | Chairman, NFU Sugar

    Michael Sly | Chairman, NFU Sugar

    Michael was elected in 2017 as Chair of the sugar board of the National Farmers’ Union, representing the 3,000 UK sugar beet growers. He is also on the NFU Governance Board and the Policy Board responsible for corporate governance of the NFU and policy setting respectively. Michael is also an Executive Board Director of the British Beet Research Organisation, which is responsible for research and knowledge transfer in UK beet growing, and Director of the English Mustard Growers cooperative. Alongside all of this Michael farms 2,000ha, including sugar beet, mustard and cereals, in Eastern England.

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  • Gabor Klauser | CEO, Austrion

    Gabor Klauser | CEO, Austrion

    Gabor Klauser is the CEO of AUSTRION, a family-owned Austrian company focusing on innovative food service activities. He has a master's degree in Agriculture and Food Processing Industry from Hungary, and an MBA from Buckinghamshire Chilterns, UK in International Marketing.

    He started his career at the Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in wheat and corn breeding, then later worked at Europe’s largest isoglucose plant, a JV of Agrana and Tate & Lyle in Hungary until 2008. He then joined Agrana Starch International, executing many international projects in various food and non-food applications, Europe and worldwide.

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  • Randolf Burisch | Head of Business Unit Sugar/Sales, Suedzucker

    Randolf Burisch | Head of Business Unit Sugar/Sales, Suedzucker

    Randolf Burisch is the head of the business unit for Sugar and Sales at Südzucker responsible for all sugar sales activities in the Group since 2003. He has held various positions including General Manager/Senior Executive in different companies within Südzucker Group since 1983 and served as Commercial Director 1999. Randolf has a Diploma of Chemical Engineering and Food Technology from the University of Karlsruhe (Dipl.-Ing) and an MBA from Zurich.

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  • Dr. Robert Lustig | University of California, San Francisco

    Dr. Robert Lustig | University of California, San Francisco

    Robert H. Lustig, M.D., M.S.L. is Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology, and Member of the Institute for Health Policy Studies at UCSF. Dr. Lustig is a neuroendocrinologist, with expertise in metabolism, obesity, and nutrition. Dr. Lustig graduated from MIT in 1976 and received his M.D. from Cornell University Medical College in 1980. He also received his Masters of Studies in Law (MSL) degree at University of California, Hastings College of the Law in 2013. He is the author of the popular books Fat Chance (2012), and The Hacking of the American Mind (2017). He is the Chief Science Officer of the non-profit Eat REAL, and Chief Medical Officer of BioLumen Technologies.

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  • Sylvia Rowe | President, SR Strategy

    Sylvia Rowe | President, SR Strategy

    Sylvia Rowe is President of SR Strategy and serves on several non-profit and industry scientific boards/advisory committees and consults with a number of food-related companies/organizations. She is an Adjunct Professor at both the Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Board positions include NASEM Health and Medicine Division – Food Forum (Chair), Food and Nutrition Board (Member) and Roundtable on Obesity Solutions (Member). She is a member of National Academies (NASEM) Committee on the Science of Science Communications: A Research Agenda.

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  • Chris Snowdon | Institute of Economic Affairs1

    Chris Snowdon | Institute of Economic Affairs

    Christopher Snowdon is the head of lifestyle economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs. He is a regular contributor to Spectator Health, Cap-X and Spiked, and is a frequent commentator on TV and radio. He is the author of ‘Killjoys’ (2017), ‘Sugar: Is there a market failure?’ (with Rob Lyons, 2015), ‘Cheap as Chips’ (2017) and ‘Fast food outlets and obesity: what is the evidence?’ (2018). He edits the Nanny State Index and runs the Velvet Glove, Iron Fist blog.

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  • Prof. Graham MacGregor | Chairman, Action on Sugar

    Prof. Graham MacGregor | Chairman, Action on Sugar

    Graham MacGregor is Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine (Barts and The London) and Honorary Consultant Physician at Queen Mary, University of London. He set up Action on Salt in 1996 and World Action on Salt and Health (WASH) in 2005 which have both been very successful in getting plans for salt intake established in many countries. Salt intake is now falling, particularly in the UK as a result of this.

    Action on Sugar was set up in 2014 to reach a consensus with the food industry and Government over the harmful effects of a high sugar diet, and bring about a reduction in the amount of sugar in processed foods.

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  • Gerald Mason | Senior Vice President, T&L Sugars

    Gerald Mason | Senior Vice President, T&L Sugars

    Gerald joined Tate & Lyle Sugars in 2004. His current role sees him amongst other things being responsible for representing the business in trade and agricultural policy discussions in both the EU and the UK. Until 2011 he was also responsible for co-ordinating raw sugar purchasing.

    A key function of his role is to look forward and ensure that policy developments do not threaten the Tate & Lyle Sugars business, whilst also flagging up opportunities they may bring. This requires good relationships with both the UK and EU authorities, and a clear understanding of the policy-making processes and how to effectively contribute to them.

    Gerald also represents Tate & Lyle Sugars at a number of trade associations including ESRA, the trade association of European sugar refiners. He is also Vice Chairman of the UK Food and Drink Federation EU Exit Committee.

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  • HE Mr Haymandoyal DILLUM | Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (Mauritius)

    HE Mr Haymandoyal DILLUM | Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (Mauritius)

    Ambassador Dev Dillum has had a distinguished career in the foreign service of Mauritius, spanning a period of 31 years. He climbed gradually all the diplomatic positions culminating to that of Ambassador. Prior to coming to Brussels, Ambassador Dillum was, as a part of the senior management team of his Ministry, closely interacting with the Office of the Hon. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade. During his tenure as Ambassador in Brussels, Ambassador Dillum has been actively engaged in the promotion of the objectives and ideals of the ACP. He has also presided over the ACP Subcommittee on Private Sector Development. He is currently a member of the Bureau of the ACP as well as one among the ACP negotiators for the Post-Cotonou Agreement on behalf of both the ACP and the ACP African States. He is also the Chair of the ESA-IEPA States and leading negotiations with the EU in an exercise to enlarge the ESA-IEPA agreement.

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  • Manuela Czinar | Desk Strategist - Sugar And Ethanol, Macquarie

    Manuela Czinar | Desk Strategist - Sugar And Ethanol, Macquarie

    Manuela Czinar is an economist, holds a Master’s degree in Agroenergy and will be finishing soon her PhD in Environmental Policy at Imperial College London. She has worked for more than 10 years in the sugar sector, mainly in market intelligence and strategy, but in sustainability as well. She joined Macquarie in 2016.

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  • Marek Dobosz | Product Manager, Hortimex

    Marek Dobosz | Product Manager, Hortimex

    Marek Dobosz is the Product Manager at Hortimex, responsible for functional and speciality ingredients including fibres, sweeteners, texturizers, proteins, specialty carbohydrates, sugar-and fat-replacers where he evaluates trends, needs and business dynamics into the local market, implements and translates sales strategies to meet local requirements, and drives new business opportunities / market initiatives as well as customer projects. He has a Masters degree in Food Technology from the University of Life Sciences in Poznan.

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